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How To Become a Fashion Stylist

 Get insider tips on how to become a fashion stylist in this virtual fashion workshop. You will have the opportunity to learn about • Training • Private Clients vs. Print & Commercial Work • Creating & Transforming Looks • Developing a Niche • Finding Jobs • Developing Your Brand • Q & A 

How To Open a Fashion Boutique

 How to Open Your Own Fashion Boutique class is a quick beginners guide to opening your own boutique both online or brick and mortar. Bella Dawn Boutique owner Dawn Del Russo uses her knowledge and experience to create this class. Broken down into 4 "classes" of the basics to get started. Class 1 ~ Building Your Business Plan Class 2 ~ Budgeting - Brick and Mortar vs. Virtual Store Class 3 ~ Buying / Vendors and Product Class 4 ~ Merchandising Marketing & Networking

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